Employment Services

Welcome to WorkBC Employment Services Centre!

We offer one-stop employment services to help you find work quickly. Our professional team of career experts will help you access the services and supports you need to find success in your job search.

Because of the diversity of clients we serve, there are different options for every individual. Many service options are guided by eligibility requirements. This means you need to meet a certain criteria to participate. Other services are guided by policy which is set by the government departments who fund the Employment Program of BC.

Our staff will provide you with the best information we have about the service options that are right for you. This is based on your employment needs, service eligibility and program policy. It is our job to help you navigate the opportunities available and ensure that you get the services and support you need to get back to work quickly.

Ready to get started?

On your first visit you will meet one of our friendly staff in the self-serve resource area. They will ask about your current situation and employment needs and will provide an overview of the services available. In most cases they will guide you through a series of questions to identify areas of strength and areas where you could use some help in your job search. This initial conversation takes 10-15 minutes. Based on this conversation, we will highlight the service options that are right for you.

Self-Serve Resource Area

If you have most of the job search skills and tools you need, we will introduce you to the self-serve resource area. Here you can find job leads, work on your resume and connect with local employers. Our self-serve resource area offers:

  • Career and job search resources including resume and cover letter samples, local job postings and Hot Jobs, employer information, newspapers, career-related books, job search worksheets and labour market information
  • Access to job search resources and tools through our online client portal
  • Professional staff with community connections and labour market expertise
  • Job search workshops (available in-person or online)
  • Computer workstations with Internet access
  • Phones, fax and photocopiers for job search activities

Case Management / Personal Employment Planning

If you need more guidance and support, you will be referred to a Case Manager. A Case Manager is a professional career practitioner or employment counsellor, who works with you to create a personal employment plan. A personal employment plan identifies obstacles you are facing in your job search and helps outline the steps you will take to overcome these challenges. The ultimate goal is to help you find and maintain work. Some examples of obstacles that a Case Manager can help you address:

  • Lack of work experience or no Canadian work experience
  • Outdated resume or job search skills
  • Lack of opportunities / it’s hard to find work in your industry
  • You need skills training or self-employment
  • You are interested in apprentice training but don’t have an eligible sponsor
  • You want to make a career change but are unsure of what to do next
  • You have a personal circumstance or health concern that impacts your employment options

Creating a Personal Employment Plan

The process begins with an in-depth conversation with a Case Manager. After identifying your employment needs and goals, you work together to create a strategy for meeting those goals. Your plan will include services and supports provided at the WorkBC Centre and may also include activities and services available in your community.

Please note that some services have eligibility and suitability requirements. Some examples include funded skills training, self-employment and wage subsidy services. Your Case Manager will help you identify the services and supports you are eligible for and answer any questions you have about program eligibility.

Implementing Your Plan

Your Case Manager stays in regular contact with you as you implement your plan and provides ongoing feedback and support. Our Case Managers strive to form positive and productive working relationships with clients and approach the process as a collaborative experience. If at any time you don’t feel that your plan is meeting your needs, please discuss your experience with your Case Manager so that together, you can make the changes necessary for you to achieve success.

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