Meet Our Team

Andrea Bischoff, Program Manager (Whistler)
Andrea has a passion for working with people and helping them along their journey. Her education in Applied Health Sciences coupled with her post grad in Human Resources allows her to exercise a collaborative leadership style with co-workers and clients to reach their career objectives. She is a dynamic service oriented Human Resources Professional that provides hands-on support with any project. Andrea shows integrity whether that is challenging herself on different ski terrain or bike trails, analyzing budgets, lending a hand while mediating an issue, or promoting the importance of Employee engagement. She is a dynamic individual dedicated to enhancing people’s experiences.

Cory Herbert, Job Developer (Squamish)
Cory is a service provider staff working with Immigrant Services Society of BC. He has a degree in Human Resource Management from St. Lawrence College. Prior to working in career development, Cory was Operations Manager for Canadian Linen and Uniforms (5 years) and also worked as a Business Development Specialist. Most recently, Cory has worked as a Job Developer and Client Resource Specialist. He enjoys working in a field where everyone is given the chance to be the best they can be. Although he hails from Ontario, Cory is an avid Vancouver Canucks fan. He loves living in Squamish and does not miss those Ontario winters one bit!

Gina Dean, Case Manager (Squamish)
Gina is a service provider staff working with Sea to Sky Community Services. Gina is a long time Sea to Sky Corridor resident and brings to Training Innovations her extensive experience working in schools in both Squamish and Whistler facilitating programs to support healthy child development. Gina’s organized and compassionate nature enables her to be an effective career counsellor as she builds a personal plan with her clients and walks with them toward their goals. Gina loves hearing peoples’ stories and has a passion for helping people achieve their personal best.

Naomi Dunaway, Marketing  and Community Engagement Coordinator (Squamish)
Naomi has a background in social services and tourism and has lived and worked in the Sea to Sky Corridor since 2000. Her skills as a supporter, collaborator, and information gatherer led to her current role as Marketing and Resource Centre Coordinator. Naomi loves getting out in the community and sharing how the work of her teammates at Training Innovations is helping clients achieve goals that have a positive impact on their life. On her days off, Naomi loves nothing better than an alpine trail run stretching out for miles.

Natalie Szewczyk, Case Manager (Whistler)
Natalie has a background in adult facilitation, project management, business administration and information technology. She has worked in career development for more than 4 years – both in Ontario and BC. Natalie has strong technical skills and is skilled at helping people learn new things. She enjoys being part of the Whistler community and contributing to its success by helping individuals reach their career goals.

Nicole Bussey, Administrator | Employment Resource Specialist (Squamish)
Nicole is the energetic and friendly person who welcomes you to the WorkBC Centre in Squamish. Before joining Training Innovations in 2009, Nicole enjoyed a successful career in hospitality working at a large resort in Whistler. Through this experience, Nicole developed customer service, organizational and technical skills. Nicole provides administrative services to the WorkBC team and ensures that the Employment Services Centre is a welcoming, professional place for job seekers and local employers.

Pam DeRoo, Employment Resource Specialist | Facilitator (Whistler)
Pam has always had a passion for helping people. After completing her training in Youth Work, she worked for 3 years in educational therapy before heading overseas to work and travel. For 10 years, Pam was involved in a variety of industries including youth work, administration, child care, and education. Her travels eventually brought her back to Canada, and she now calls Squamish home. Pam loves working in career development. She particularly enjoys helping clients gain new perspective and gets great joy in helping people reach their goals. Pam is approachable and fun and helps create a positive energy in the Whistler office.

Priscilla Belanger, Employment Resource Specialist (Whistler)
Priscilla is a Service Provider staff with Howe Sound Women’s Centre. Prior to Priscilla’s move to Canada in September 2014, she has been a Human Resources Practitioner both in Asia and the Middle East Region, with extensive exposure at various levels and functions in the areas of Employee Services, HR Information Systems, Payroll & Benefits, Recruitment, and Training & Organizational Development. Priscilla has contributed to the growth and success of several organizations and industries including Hospitality, Telecommunications, Transportation, Real Estate, Logistics, Automobiles, Construction, and Freight Forwarding. Priscilla was born curious, loves travelling and exploring, and is a hugger, not only of trees, but also of people and life. She is passionate in everything she does, and particularly loves that moment when a client discovers their passion.

Sarah Greenwood, Senior Case Manager (Squamish)
Sarah has a background in biology and has over 14 years’ experience in Leadership and Adventure Education. Sarah has worked in the career development industry since 2010 and has worked 1-1 with clients as well as managing programs. Sarah successfully led the Encore Employment Program at Training Innovations, which received accolades from clients and stakeholders for its successful approach. She now brings her wealth of experience to her role as Senior Case manager for the WorkBC Centre in Squamish. Sarah enjoys being part of a process that allows individuals time for self-exploration and personal development – all with the focus of gainful employment. She likes that the experience is different for each person, yet the goal of employment is the same.

Sarah Hart, Facilitator | Curriculum Manager (Squamish)
Sarah is a Service Provider staff with Howe Sound Women’s Centre. With formal training in Strategic Human Resources Management, and a previous career in private sector Administration, Sarah brings a wealth of current knowledge on  job search basics including, building stand-out resumes, interviewing skills, and how to network. Additionally, she has a deep understanding of how to strengthen your employment “soft skills” including time management, stress management, and building self-confidence. Her education and experience are incorporated into our group workshop series, and one-to-one workshops. Sarah believes that discovering who you want to be “when you grow up” and landing that job should be fun and her workshops reflect that. Sarah is also a professional athlete, and when she’s not facilitating rambunctious and fun-filled employment workshops, she’s out on the rock or on her skis either close to her home in Squamish, or in far away places.

Sonja Bizjak, Job Placement Specialist (Whistler)
Sonja is a Service Provider staff with Howe Sound Women’s Centre. Hailing from Austria, Sonja brings with her a love of languages and diverse cultures. Sonja possesses a Master’s degree in translation (English, Italian, and German) as well as a business diploma. Combining her several years’ experience at the Employment Services Branch with Austria’s Institution for further education, delivering English courses, including Resume and Cover Letter writing, and her passion for helping people achieve their goals, Sonja creates a fun, interactive, and informative environment for job seekers. When not helping clients find their dream job, Sonja can be found climbing some of the world class granite climbing routes in and around Squamish.

Valerie Bergeron, Job Placement Specialist | Facilitator (Whistler)
Valerie is a service provider staff working with the Howe Sound Women’s Centre. She graduated high school in Quebec, and is trilingual: speaking French, English and Spanish. Valerie completed a Diploma in International Development in 2008. Since then she has volunteered and worked with various non-profit organizations including Horizon Cosmopolite teaching English in an elementary school in Nepal, acting as a caregiver at Babies Home orphanage in Thailand, and coordinating activities at Mundo De Ninos Boys Orphanage in Peru. Locally, Valerie sits on the Board of Directors for the Whistler Blackcomb environment Fund. Before joining the WorkBC team, Valerie worked as a Recruitment Coordinator and Business Development Planner at Whistler Blackcomb.

Wendy Faris, Case Manager (Squamish)
Prior to joining Training Innovations, Wendy worked for five years in social advocacy and administration; and one year as a researcher. Wendy holds an Associate Degree in English, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology, and a Juris Doctor of Law Degree. Wendy is skilled at interpreting program policy and finding creative ways to serve the needs of her clients. She enjoys helping people identify and build their skills, and feels privileged to be able to witness the confidence that comes when clients see themselves, and what they are capable of in new ways.

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